What the Flag?!

Greylight Projects

Flag parade in Heerlen and the Euregion by international artists

The latest edition of the flag parade “What the Flag?” by the platform for art and culture Greylight Projects shows work by international artists on flags in the city and surroundings.

The flag has a long tradition of different uses and meanings. Flags are there to give signals, to identify countries, regions or cities, or to visually mark out a territory. Flags are also frequently used to represent political ideas and beliefs. The artists taking part in “What the Flag?” react to the medium of the flag on the basis of their own work and vision. In doing so, they are guided by the locations where the flags can be seen day and night. These locations are in and around the inner city of Heerlen. A map with all locations can be found at #mappingheerlen.

Click here for the map and here for more information.