The (Uncertain) Four Seasons


What will our world sound like in 2050?

Based on data from the International Climate Panel IPCC, The (Uncertain) Four Seasons translates Vivaldi’s 300-year-old masterpiece the Four Seasons into the state of our planet in 2050 via a computer model. Its storms sound more ominous, bird calls hushed.

With The (Uncertain) Four Seasons, an elusive issue like climate change becomes palpable. The project has already been performed on six continents and was a finalist in the World Chanching Idea Awards, among others. This version, especially recomposed for Cultura Nova, shows how our own environment is radically changing under the influence of man if we do not act quickly. Beforehand, Limburg-based IPCC author and climate scientist Aimee Slangen, among others, provides insight and inspiration on how to turn the tide toward 2050.

The (Uncertain) Four Seasons is an initiative of Akqa, media artist Tom Devine & composer Hugh Croistwaite and is a co-production of Cultura Nova, PLT & Philzuid. More information: