Solus Amor

Recirquel Cirque Danse - Bence Vági

Recirquel, Hungary’s foremost contemporary circus company, will be presenting the Dutch premiere of Solus Amor at Cultura Nova. A poetic performance at the intersection of classical and modern dance and acrobatics, which mostly takes place high above the stage.

Solus Amor is a new extraordinary aerial production in Recirquel’s cirque danse series, of which My Land was previously featured at Cultura Nova. My Land was one of the best-attended performances at the 2019 edition of Cultura Nova and was voted the best production at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the world’s leading arts festival, and the Avignon OFF festival in France.

About faith and love, nature and the universe

The choreography of Solus Amor is once again the work of Recirquel’s artistic director, Bence Vági. He is the founder of cirque danse, with which Recirquel enchants many audiences worldwide, from Paris to Bogotá, Montréal to New York. In Solus Amor, Vági poetically puts the spotlight various manifestations of love. The performance evokes a primal energy that transcends space and time, connecting people and drawing its strength from the contemporary longing for nature and miracles.

Bence Vági: ‘Solus Amor addresses important and serious subjects that affect everyone in one way or another. The performance is about faith and love, about nature and the universe. And it doesn’t exclude people; we tell our story in a form and language that is accessible to all.’

Multidisciplinary aerial ballet

Solus Amor performs a stunning aerial ballet for the audience. The acrobats defy the laws of gravity with their graceful and lyrical dance movements and breath-taking tricks. The original music, the spectacular stage, the lighting design, and the beautiful visuals envelop the audience and the dancers. In this abstract multidimensional space, animals as well as people can be admired for the first time. Driven by his desire to invoke primal forms, Vági approached the South-African puppeteer and puppet-theatre director Janni Younge – the absolute master of his genre – to build a lifelike polar bear for Solus Amor.


Concept and direction: Bence Vági

Music: Gábor Terjék and Edina Mókus Szirtes

Decor: Péter Klimó

Costumes: Emese Kasz

Solus Amor premiered at the Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival in October 2020.