Moonlight Benjamin (HT/FR)

Livemusic in the Magic Mirror

The renovated Burg. van Grunsvenplein in front of Heerlen Theatre is the bustling heart of Cultura Nova throughout the festival. The place for encounters between audience and artists, surprising performances, fun performances for children and every day a new band that you can see for free in the Spiegeltent. Drop in, discover, and let your senses be awakened by Moonlight Benjamin!

Moonlight Benjamin – this is her real name and not a stage name! – grew up in an orphanage in Haiti. The church songs she heard so often there inspired her to start singing herself. Later, she fell under the spell of the intriguing sounds of voodoo musicians and in her new homeland France she got to know western rock and jazz. These are all ingredients that come together in the amazing voodoo-trance with which the ‘Punky Voodo Queen’ Moonlight Benjamin charms audiences all over the world. In 2020, she released her fourth album, Simido. Get carried away by this original fusion of Caribbean voodoo melodies and rhythms, 70s American blues rock and the deep, rebellious voice of Moonlight Benjamin.

The programming of the Spiegeltentconcerts is a cooperation between Cultura Nova, Parkstad Limburg Theatres and pop stage NIEUWE NOR.