Machine de Cirque

Machine de Cirque

“Hilarious circus slapstick with chilling acrobatics” – the Theaterkrant

Machine de Cirque from Canada presents a wacky, upbeat circus show for young and old with lots of music and comical stunts. The stage looks like a construction site. A huge iron structure stands pontifically in the middle, surrounded by trapezes, bicycles, a seesaw and all kinds of percussion instruments. With these tools, four circus artists and a percussionist provide entertainment on a literally high level.

From the first vertiginous near fall of one of the acrobats, the Machine de Cirque performance by the Canadian company of the same name sucks you in from chilling excitement to laughter until your jaws hurt. The fact that the announced story about four acrobats surviving the apocalypse is not told does not matter after the first stunts. (According to the Theaterkrant).

Canada’s Machine de Cirque incorporates high doses of dizzying acts, powerful emotions, poetry and plenty of humor into its innovative and original performances.

The Machine de Cirque circus troupe puts on an unprecedented show, full of breakneck feats and funny circus acts. The men are stuck in a world without cars, electricity and computers. There is only one thing to do: start all over again with everything they can find! They tinker with everything: a scaffolding tube turns out to function perfectly as a Chinese pole and a bicycle can be ridden in all sorts of (im)possible ways. A special show that you want to attend!

Machine de Cirque is a circus company from Quebec City. The company incorporates high doses of dazzling circus acts, powerful emotions, poetry, intelligence and humor into its innovative and original performances. Machine de Cirque’s ingenious creations skillfully blend the highest level of contemporary circus with musical and theatrical performances. Machine de Cirque’s unique approach to circus arts shows touches the heart and moves the mind.