ImpulZ / age 1-4 jaar

Theater de Spiegel

A crazy creation in which everything is possible, but nothing has to be done.

If music is sound, is sound also music?
If dance is movement, is movement also dance?
Who gives the starting signal and who responds to what or whom?
And what happens if nobody pushes?

ImpulZ is an interactive dance and music performance with the very youngest at the controls. A dancer and a sound doctor appear on stage. Behind them is a remarkable collection of sound inventions; sound gadgets that are controlled from a distance, also by the little spectators. In this crazy creation in which anything goes (and nothing has to), the starting point is to create together. The result is a daring and fun performance for children aged 1 to 4.

Director/choreographer/concept: Anke Zijlstra
Sound architect/musician/decor: Youri Van Uffelen
Dancer: Romeo Lothy Bampende or Hernán Mancebo Martínez
Sound design: Youri Van Uffelen and Kris Delacourt
Artistic coaching: Karel Van Ransbeeck and Thomas Eisenhardt
Costumes: Lies Maréchal
Decor: Atelier Récup and Wim Van de Vyver

ImpulZ is a production of Theater De Spiegel in coproduction with Perpodium and with the support of the Belgian Tax Shelter.