(h)ear festival 2022

(h)ear / Mike Kramer

Adventurous sound from the Netherlands.

The program shows a fantastic lineup with artists mainly from Belgium. Our neighbours have a rich tradition in the field of experimental and adventurous sound research. Some of them can be found on the recently released DVD ’10xOPEN’, which contains exclusive audio and video works. This release will be given extra attention during the festival. Exceptions to the program are your host and the Austrian Mia Zabelka. However, they are both praised by their Belgian colleagues for their qualities.

Floris Vanhoof and Mia Zabelka are no strangers to European festival organizations where adventure, experiment and innovation are of paramount importance. Festivals such as the Belgian Meakusma or Rewire in The Hague were already eager to put them on the agenda. Zabelka, a violinist by origin, is known for her use of artificial intelligence software during her performances. Kris Vanderstraeten will play a special performance on drums, guitar and objects, entirely in the context of free improvisation. Jean D.L. and P-Art are more involved in the improvisational field where sound in space plays an important factor. Baudouin Oosterlynck offers a special overview of the instruments and sound objects he designed himself and will give visitors the opportunity to try them out. daniel duchamP will surprise friend and foe with his very special approach and mastery of his electronic instruments. And finally, at the request of the artists, your host will also play an electronic set.

(h)ear is a foundation that focuses on sound art and experimental music and is committed to creating and stimulating dialogue with other art disciplines. (h)ear organizes concerts, performances, workshops, lectures and curates exhibitions on sound art. 2022 marks the year of the twelfth collaboration with Cultura Nova.

daniel duchamP
Floris Vanhoof
P-Art (Paul Timmermans)
Baudouin Oosterlynck
Kris Vanderstraeten
Jean D.L.

special guests
Mia Zabelka
Mike Kramer

Thanks to ‘De Twee Gezusters’