Exhibition Grafiekkunst

Aime Put – Olivier Martens – Diederik Vlayen

“Anyone who is willing to look at art will encounter their imagination.” – Aime Put

A pop-up gallery will open on Nobelstraat during Cultura Nova. The exhibition shows graphic art by the young Belgian artists Aime Put and Diederik ‘Dicky’ Vlayen and ‘their teacher’ Olivier Martens; he is a teacher at the graphic art studio of Knst.beeld, the former academy of Hasselt.

Aime Put

Aime Put presents a series of monotypes. Kierkegaard’s notion of Wiederholung – Repetition encompasses the whole of human life, for he who chooses repetition, lives. – is an important element in his work. Aime: “It refers to the relationship between the work of art and its creator, and to the interaction between the image and its viewer. The repetitive re-creation of an image is an investigation into the core of the creative process. Revisiting and reinterpreting in the artistic sphere is for me a life condition, necessary to control my thoughts, inner turmoil and restlessness. Depth is my aim.”

work of Aime Put
Diederik (Dicky) Vlayen

Dicky Vlayen is a photographer, director, graphic artist. Above all, he is an artist with an enormous drive, craftsmanship and versatility. In his work, he effortlessly combines noble processes such as heliogravure with digital media. Graphic art and photography merge seamlessly in his photopolymer creations, there is always room for an experimental approach.


Olivier Martens

Olivier Martens’ works often deal with the relationship between art and love. Especially about the tragedy of love, always looking for consolation and the desire for inconsolability. Olivier: “As an artist, you have to reinvent yourself over and over again, just as I think you have to do in a long, close relationship. Constantly recreating yourself in the name of love. The wooden table and the bed are elements that regularly recur in my work. At the table and in bed, the most human emotions take place, we laugh, talk, cry, comfort, make love. We dream…. And then there is that desire, even if mine sometimes doesn’t match hers, art is always willing. But after the brief ecstasy of the creative act, it is already over. Would the work of art be the only lover with a guarantee of eternity? It never says no. But it will never say yes either…

I lay against the warm body of my Linda. Like every night.”