Electric Grand

Antoon Versteegde & Bart van Dongen

Experience enchanting sounds any way you like – stand, sit, or even lie down.

Antoon Versteegde and Bart van Dongen are two experienced artists, skilled in the development of on-site projects. Their spatial installation Electric Grand Pyramid is a gigantic acoustic piano and you – the audience – stand right in the middle of it. Each tone of the grand piano has its own speaker. Together, the 72 speakers form a large circle within the bamboo structure in which the pianist and the audience are located. The pianist stays in the same place, static; the audience is free to move around, dynamic. All you have to do it pick your favourite spot and lie down or take a seat. The choice is yours.


The world’s biggest piano

Van Dongen manipulates the grand piano to produce sounds that are quite different from the conventional piano sound. These new sounds play a crucial role in the composition that he creates especially for this instrument. The ambient sounds – the birds, a passing plane, distant car traffic, children playing, young people playing sports, elderly people chatting, etc. – constitute the dynamic component of the composition. Together, the pyramid, the speakers, the composition, the ambient sounds, and the actively listening audience form the Electric Grand. The biggest piano in the world.