Darkness Rises 2.0

philharmonie zuidnederland & TEMKO

On January 22, 2003, NASA had its last contact with the space probe Pioneer 10, a space probe launched in 1972. This transmission was sent over a distance of no less than 8 billion kilometers. Composer and guitarist Aart Strootman set the data set of the space probe to music for philharmonie zuidnederland and his ensemble TEMKO. The Pioneer 10 lost contact with the earth, but the world continued to turn. During Cultura Nova, a new version of this project will have its world premiere. Strootman adds a new musical chapter inspired by recent global events to his musical timeline.

Darkness Rises is visually enhanced with space footage of the Pioneer 10 made by filmmaker Dries Alkemade.

Conductor Michiel Delanghe
Ensemble TEMKO
Film Dries Alkemade
Aart Strootman Darkness Rises