Livemusic in the Magic Mirror

The renovated Burg. van Grunsvenplein in front of Heerlen Theatre is the bustling heart of Cultura Nova throughout the festival. The place for encounters between audience and artists, surprising performances, fun performances for children and every day a new band that you can see for free in the Spiegeltent. Walk in, discover, and let Collignon awaken your senses!

After travelling the world for 15 years with such surprising bands as C-Mon & Kypski, Nobody Beats The Drum and Skip&Die, Dutch producer Collignon found peace in Palmela, Portugal. He made it a place of inspiration and invited befriended musicians there. One of them is percussionist Gino Bombrini from Heerlen, with whom he also shone in Skip&Die. Collignon brings together a jumble of South American, African and Arabic styles with both acoustic and electronic instruments. The result sounds as futuristic as it is familiar, bursting with vitality and positivity, and is brought to the stage by the duo in an amazingly exhilarating and enormously danceable way. Let’s dance!

The programming of the Spiegeltentconcerts is a cooperation between Cultura Nova, Parkstad Limburg Theatres and pop stage NIEUWE NOR.