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A successful 27th festival edition of Cultura Nova will be celebrated on Sunday, August 27, with a performance by the French company Plasticiens Volants. And they will celebrate with a happy parade! Plasticiens Volants will start at 4.30 pm at Pancratiusplein. Through the Bongerd and the Promenade they will make their way to the Burg. van Grunsvenplein to pull out everything they have for the final of the final. With the cooperation of Diversão samba band.

At the heart of the show is the balloon monster Godzilla, who seems to be looking for a place to build a nest in Heerlen. Will she succeed?

L1 will broadcast the final parade live via Facebook and

THEATER TITANICK LIGHTS UP OPENING NIGHT OF CULTURA NOVA Spectacular parade through the city center

Tonight is the opening night of Cultura Nova 2017! Theater Titanick kicks off the festival with its open air spectacle 'Firebirds'. The performance starts at 21.30 hrs at Raadhuisplein and will continue along Pancratiusstraat, Schelmenhofje, Bongerd and Promenade to the final at Burg. Van Grunsvenplein in front of Theater Heerlen.
L1 will broadcast the whole show live on television. And Theater Titanick will return to the city center on Saturday night. read more


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'Triptyque' by the renowned Canadian company The 7 Fingers/ 7 Doigts will be in Theater Heerlen until Saturday August 26th. In this performance three leading contemporary dance choreographers - Marie Chouinard, Victor Quijada and Marcos Morau - have added acrobatic elements from circus to the vocabulary of modern dance.

CIRCUS MEETS DANCE BY THE 7 FINGERS 24-26 August in Theater Heerlen
PREMIERE CIRQUE BERSERK British company visits European Mainland for the first time

Cirque Berserk arrived in our theatre on Thursday! Their bikes have already warmed-up the stage. The acrobats are in shape too. We're looking forward to a party! Cultura Nova is proud to present this British company and welcome them to the European Mainland for the first time. (In cooperation with Parkstad Limburg Theaters). The performance premieres on Saturday. They will be performing on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday too. Do not miss it! read more

CIRQUE BERSERK IN THE NETHERLANDS! 19-22 August in Theater Heerlen
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